Be Prepared: The Ultimate Checklist for a Successful Closing

ultimate home closing checklist

The big day is almost here. Are you ready? When purchasing a home, having the information and tools you need to close is essential to making sure you don’t run into any trouble. Our home closing checklist can ensure you experience a smooth, stress-free closing.

The Ultimate Home Closing Checklist

The Essentials

Home closings can be as diverse as the people that buy them, but your closing checklist should contain certain essentials.

☑ Closing Instructions or Real Estate Broker Worksheet

☑ Valid Photo Identification

☑ All Closing Party Members

☑ Purchase Agreement

☑ Any Amendments or Addenda

☑ Cashier’s Check, Treasurer’s Check or Wire Transfer

Some homebuyers can come to closing day with just the essentials, but other purchases may be a bit more complicated. Industry professionals will guide you through the process to ensure efficiency and accuracy during your closing.

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If Applicable:

Certain additional letters or documents may be needed to show proof of transfer of ownership of the property or financial information related to the sale. Information regarding insurance policies or warranties may need to be present as well. If applicable, your closing checklist can include:

Finance-related Documents:

☑ Buyer’s Preapproval Letter

☑ Payoff Authorization to Release Information

☑ Copy of Earnest Money Deposit Check and Escrow Agreement

☑ Court Order from Bankruptcy Court


☑ Home Warranty Application

☑ Prior Owner’s Title Policy

☑ Hazard Insurance Policy & Paid Receipt

Other Important Documents:

☑ Power of Attorney (original required at closing)

☑ Divorce Decree & Quit Claim Deed (original needed if not recorded)

☑ Corporation Documents: Board of Resolution, Certificate of Good Standing, & Articles of Organization

☑ Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) Documents: Operating Agreement & Articles of Organization

☑ Death Certificate (original needed at closing)

☑ Trust Agreement & Attorney Contact

☑ Letter of Authority for Probated Estate


A Better Closing Experience

Depending on the history of your property — revealed in an intensive search by title service professionals, you may only need the essentials; or, potentially, some of the above, additional documentation too. But don’t get overwhelmed! The best title companies are with you each step of the way to answer your questions and work hard beforehand to keep the process seamless and the closing day smooth and efficient.

At Bay National Title Company we bring you peace of mind and a better closing experience. Our expert team provides an unparalleled level of service, exhausting every method to ensure you receive the information you need to close on time. And you can do so confidently. No wondering. No confusion.