TRID One Year Later: A Look Back at the Effects

TRID One Year Later: A Look Back at the Effects of TRID

October 3, 2015, heralded in a huge change for the mortgage industry. It became the implementation deadline for some of the largest changes the industry had seen in decades. The TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure Rule (TRID) was enacted by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in order

TRID Updates

TRID Updates: What Lenders and Agents Need to Know

The TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure Rule (TRID) popularly referred to as "Know Before You Owe” went into effect in October of 2015. Since then many people in the industry have been clamoring for clarifications and they were finally updated this summer. Here’s what you need to


Worried about noncompliance? Biggest TRID Violations in 9/10 Mortgages

Will Lenders or Investors Experience Losses for TRID Liabilities? If you’re a mortgage lender, compliance is essential. Despite the latest Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) regulations, you must comply to stay in business. What does the TRID landscape look like for mortgage lending, and how do you

Why TRID Forms Hit Wholesale Lenders the Hardest

Why TRID Hits Wholesale Lenders the Hardest

Challenges with TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure for Wholesale Lenders The latest TRID regulations present the most challenges for wholesale lenders. According to Genworth Mortgage Insurance, a survey conducted on mortgage professionals at the Mortgage Banking Association’s annual conference found that, among the greatest concerns for mortgage lending

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Biggest Challenges with TRID for Mortgage Lenders

What are the big struggles for Mortgage Lenders following TRID? Dreadful delays. The biggest issue for lenders following the October 3, 2015 TRID implementation are delays in the closing process due to new regulations. What causes these delays due to TRID? Within the first month of TRID