Surviving (and Thriving!) After the Facebook News Feed Change: A Guide for Real Estate Pros

facebook guide for real estate agents

With the recent announcement from Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg that the leading social media platform is changing the algorithm for its news feed, real estate agents and other housing industry pros became nervous. People started questioning how this would impact their business and marketing strategy.

“Will the move with the algorithms from “relevant content” to “meaningful social interaction” hurt my business?”

“Will I still be able to sell real estate with Facebook effectively?”

Facebook can certainly continue to be relevant as a sales and marketing tool to various housing industry professionals, but it will take a more thoughtful approach. With the right planning, strategy, and care, your business can not only survive, but it can thrive.

Create & Strengthen Relationships

To effectively market real estate on Facebook, you need to post more than pretty pictures of pretty houses. Sure, people have to know what’s out there on the market but creating meaningful connections with your audience and potential buyers will prove to be beneficial to your business. You know that old saying, “Give and ye shall receive?” This is especially true moving forward after the news feed algorithm change.

It’s about moving from a transactional space to an experiential one. There are a number of things you can do to strengthen relationships on Facebook to elevate your reputation as a professional (and as a person!). One of the best things you can do is to stay active with your network, continuing to seek out additional connections and keeping in touch. Commenting on and liking posts, and taking the time and effort to respond to comments on your posts, goes a long way in strengthening bonds.

Stay positive and active on your personal and business page. Doing so not only helps to build and grow meaningful relationships, but it will also help you to show up more frequently on other people’s feeds. Of course, it doesn’t mean you can’t still post pictures of homes new to the marketplace — not at all. Your strategy moving forward will need to be more about balance by making a real impact across your network in creative, thoughtful, and dynamic ways.

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Provide Valuable & Relevant Content

An essential part of giving is providing valuable and relevant content to your network and the local community. Create original posts or share articles or videos that are relatable yet (at least loosely) still associated with the real estate industry. Subjects like household budgeting, trendy home improvement projects, and beautiful and innovative architecture can be excellent themes to utilize in providing content.

Do you use Facebook Live? If not, you should. In this digital age of immediacy, people love to know what is happening now. Utilizing all of the powerful tools available in your social media sales and marketing toolbox are important in overcoming the changes from Facebook.

Real estate pros on Facebook can continue to thrive with concerted effort and a sincere dedication to giving back.

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