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ALERT! 5 Common Real Estate Scams You Need to Avoid

When you’re in the process of buying a house, being concerned about real estate scams is generally not at the top of your list. From packing up your belongings to gathering your financial documents, soon-to-be-homeowners are very busy. But with plenty of nefarious people out

tips to buying a house in the new year

6 Tips for Buying a House in the New Year

Can’t wait to get the keys to your new home in the New Year but not sure where to start? Home buying tips can be very helpful to get prepared for this big life change. At Bay National Title Company, we help clients every day

what is the role of a title company in refinancing a home

The Role of a Title Company in Refinancing

Are you considering refinancing your home? If so, you may have several questions, such as What does refinancing mean? What does a refinance loan mean? What role does a title company play in the process? We understand this can be a confusing experience if you’ve never

what does a title company do?

What Does a Title Company Do?

Getting ready to buy or sell a home? When the time comes to make one of the most important transactions you will ever make, you should know the key players to its success. A title company holds a central role in a real estate transaction

guide to quick claim deeds in real estate

Real Estate 101: Guide to Quitclaim Deeds

The legal documentation used in real estate transactions can sometimes be confusing. The quitclaim deed is no exception. It’s different from a warranty deed and is used differently, too. Here at Bay National Title Company, we want to make sure you have the information you

homebuyers guide to closing disclosures

A Guide to Closing Disclosures

Buying a new home can be both a joyous occasion and one filled with stress and anxiety, especially if you don’t understand the process. One of the more confusing aspects of the closing process is understanding the closing disclosure. This is a critical piece of