New York Fee Schedule

Ancilary Fees

Settlement/Escrow Related Charge Notes
REO Purchase (Auction Program) $895 Minimum Charges
REO Purchase $650 Minimum Charges
Purchase $400 Minimum Charges
Refinance $400 Minimum Charges
Title Closer/Notary Fee $250 Minimum Charges
Wire Fee $25 Per Wire
State Searches Charge Notes
Cert. of Good Standing $175 Minimum Charges
UCC $150 Per Name
Pending Litigation $175 Per Name
Other Charge Notes
Abstract/Search* $250-$500 Minimum Charge*for Zone 1
Chain of Title $175 Minimum Charge for 12 month
Certified Copies $100 Minimum Charge
Title Update $175 Minimum Charge
Municipal Searches Varies by location ACTUAL COSTS TO OBTAIN

*Title Insurance preiums are filed and approved by the New York Superintendent of insurance

Quotes for premiums and aplicable endorsements can be obtained at

* Please note that transactions may be closed by an attorney in the state of New York, additional fees may be charged by the attorney.

*Fees contained herein are quoted minimum charges. Your transaction may involve additional searches, information,