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National Title Insurance Products

In addition to stellar customer service and thorough closing processes, Bay National Title Company’s customers can expect a detailed title commitment and options including owners and/or lender or loan policies.

Title Insurance Overview

Title insurance protects real estate owners and lenders against any property loss or damage they might experience because of liens, encumbrances or defects in the title to the property. Each title insurance policy is subject to specific terms, conditions and exclusions. Title insurance protects against claims from defects. Defects are things such as another person claiming an ownership interest, improperly recorded documents, fraud, forgery, liens, encroachments, easements and other items that are specified in the insurance policy.

Title Commitments

Customer education is one of the cornerstones to providing good service. This document helps customers understand the process by clearly stating title status, what must be cleared, what we cover and what we don’t cover. Clients receive this important document prior to closing. It is our commitment to insure.

Title Policies

There are two types of policies, one that protects the owner’s best interests and one that only protects the lender’s. The lender generally requires a lender or loan policy, while the owner’s is at the discretion of the buyer.

  • Owner’s Policies cover the owner of the property. Title insurance offers financial protection against title problems that could not be found in the public records, are inadvertently missed in the title search process, or those that may arise from fraud or forgery.
  • Lender or Loan Policies cover only the mortgage holder. No protection is afforded to the owner  for this type of policy. The coverage insures the priority and enforceability of the mortgage.

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