Our technology helps us be more efficient, accurate, and thorough for the best closing experience in the industry.


Bay National Title has partnered with nSymphony to ensure our technological capabilities are among some of the best in the area. Our use of ResWare™ streamlines the workflow and improves our team’s efficiency through web-based transaction management and escrow processes. This allows our team to spend more time on customer satisfaction and less time on paperwork.

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At Bay National Title Company we’re always looking for ways to improve customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. That’s one of the reasons we went with a paperless office. BNTC is proud to say we are the first national title company to go completely paperless. Our company uses eSignings, a Web Portal, and electronic market data and financial projections for the most efficient access to data.

A Better Closing Experience by Design

Our paperless environment means your closing won’t amount to a mound of paperwork and cramped hand. But you also needn’t worry about security or privacy. Our secure email and Doc Lincs give you peace-of-mind that your sensitive, personal financial information stays that way. We meet SOC 2 standards for technological security, processing integrity and privacy. We maintain the highest standard for Non-public Personal Information security.

***Disclaimer: ReswareTM is not affiliated with Bay National Title Company. Resware is a trademarked product of Adeptive.