Our Story

“Customer needs come first. Period.”

The Bay National Title Story

Bay Title & Escrow Company, a Florida title company, was founded in 2003 by Evan Grimm. He saw a need for a company that would bring education and customer care to the title industry. His vision was simple, not easy. He wanted to create a better closing experience. Evan levied his passion for service and assembled a hardworking team as eager to put the customer first as he was. Much of Florida’s population has ties to other states through real estate holdings and/or multiple residences. Over the next several years, customers felt the difference in service Evan’s team offered and they told him they wished there was a Bay Title Company in other states.

After years of hearing this, Evan decided customers outside of Florida deserved a better closing experience as well and he began the expansion. In 2011, he started building a team, obtaining licensing, and building the necessary infrastructure to meet customer needs across the country. Bay National Title Company was born.


That’s a phrase you’ll often hear around the office. It’s why we do this. An order isn’t just a file, it’s someone’s home. This simple truth drives the proactive service culture at Bay National Title Company. We’re committed to providing customer education, because with knowledge comes choice. You can choose your title insurance company. And we’re happy to say that 96.4% of our customers choose to work with us again.


A closing experience should be like a celebration at a fine restaurant where the service is impeccable. You’re greeted with a warm smile as you walk in the door. You’re immediately seated. The specials are clearly explained, educating you and your party on the best choices for fare. Orders are taken and arrive, not a moment later than expected. The flavor and tastes are outstanding. Your drinks remain filled throughout the night. Everyone smiling. Everyone comfortable. After dessert, you and your guests leave raving about the experience. You’ll never forget it. Nor should you. You deserve an exceptional experience.

At Bay National Title Company, that’s what you get with a few minor differences of course. “The specials” are insurance policy options from multiple underwriters. “The dinner guests” are all the parties in your real estate transaction. And just like the example, they leave raving about the experience. Because our service is white-glove, hyper-attentive to your satisfaction.

We know you have a choice in closing services and you’ve placed your trust in us. Your needs and expectations come first. You deserve only the best. You deserve a better closing experience.

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The Future of Closings

The real estate market is changing. Customers are demanding more personalized attention and service. Many closing companies are ill-suited for this new independent world. They’re too busy taking unearned referrals. At Bay National Title Company, you’ll begin to experience the future of closings. With 5-star hospitality and gracious customer service, you’ll find out what it’s like to work with a team that values the opportunity to work for you.

Bay National Title Company has customers not clients, and we strive to make each of their closings the best they’ve ever had. Our referrals come from happy customers, not affiliate contacts.

Come see our difference.