Key People

Our people are the key to our success and when you get to know them, you’ll understand why.

Evan Grimm

Evan Grimm


Evan Grimm, founder and Chairman of Bay National Title Company, is a fifteen-year veteran of the real estate industry with over twelve years dedicated to title insurance and closings. Mr. Grimm opened his boutique Florida title agency, Bay Title & Escrow Company in 2003. He wanted to offer something others weren’t — a customer-focused, personal approach to the closing experience.

Mr. Grimm maintains when it comes to customer service, meeting your customer’s needs trumps your job description. First time customers of Bay National Title are often surprised when Mr. Grimm answers the phone personally. This customer focus philosophy drives the entire management team at BNTC and has widely contributed to the company’s success.

After launching the national platform of Bay National Title Company in 2011, Mr. Grimm went on to found four companies; each company with their own special niche in the title and closing arena. He’s motivated by the desire to help people make their real estate dreams a reality whether an investment group expanding its reach, a young couple buying their first home, or empty nesters looking to downsize. In 2014 alone the BNTC team proudly helped 5,000 people become homeowners.

Evan Grimm often tells his team, “We are here to serve. Our job is to make our clients successful and our customers feel welcome.”

Mr. Grimm has always been at the forefront of market changes. He adopted the best paperless technology available years ahead of other title companies, and he based his staff reward and bonus structure on excellence and achievements strategically aligned with client goals. BNTC wrote Best Practices in line with the directives of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) back in 2013, years ahead of the deadline.

Expanding to a national platform to meet client needs was a crucial step, and now Mr. Grimm charges ahead to open local offices all over the nation. This focus on the future and innovation has made Bay National Title Company one of the largest independent title agencies in the country.

“Our business is solely driven by extraordinary service and by building quality relationships with our clients.”

Mr. Grimm requires his staff to participate in continuing education and all members of management hold multiple licenses, certifications and the coveted CLC accreditation.

In his free time, Mr. Grimm enjoys reading, sailing, participating in outdoor adventures like climbing and playing with his 1-year-old son.

While climbing Mt. Kenya in 2010, a heart transplant survivor named Kelly Perkins who climbed alongside him inspired him to support Moving Hearts, a foundation which seeks to raise awareness and participation in organ donor programs. Evan Grimm is also an avid supporter of Homes for our Troops, a nonprofit group that helps severely injured veterans attain specially adapted homes.

Tyler Lee

Tyler Lee

Chief Executive Officer

Tyler Lee, Chief Executive Officer of Bay National Title Company, brings more than ten years of experience in cross-functional leadership positions across the title industry. She began her career in customer service where she gained valuable insight into the needs of the customer – a real advantage for any leadership role. Her tenacity, keen observation, and people skills allowed her to quickly and successfully advance in the industry, having held positions in nearly every area of the title operation, including Chief title officer and VP of national operations.

As the former Executive Vice President of Operations at Bay National Title, Tyler developed and executed business strategies focused on growth and expansion through education and first-class service. She is detail-oriented and enjoys the complexities of operational workflows; always looking for ways to expedite services or improve processes. Tyler brings with her a unique management style she refers to as “GSD” or “get shit done” – and she’s not shy about saying it. She notes the adage, “we’re only as good as our employees,” while adding, “our employees are only as good as their leadership and the tools they’re provided to execute.” She believes clear communication and accountability sets expectations, gains trust and builds excellent rapport in the industry to which she has been successful in doing over the years.

Born and raised in Southern California, Ms. Lee enjoys cycling, golf, and triathlons. She remains active in various charity functions, and completed the New Orleans Half Ironman – proving she’s up for a challenge.

Jay London

Jay London

Executive Vice President/National Underwriting Counsel

Jay has spent over 30 years as an underwriting attorney serving the title industry. He has created and implemented continuing education classes that were approved by the Florida Department of Insurance and used by title companies throughout the sunshine state. Jay is a member of the State Bar of Georgia, The State Bar of Wisconsin, and also holds Authorized House Counsel status with the Florida Bar. Jay additionally holds memberships in the Real Property, Probate and Trust division of the Florida Bar, and the Florida Land Title Association. He earned the prestigious Certified Land – Title Closer and Certified Land – Title Searcher designations from the Florida Land Title Association, and he is a licensed Title Insurance Producer for 37 states. Jay is credited with editing title insurance licensing manuals, and has had an article published in the New York Mortgage Press. Jay spends much of his spare time traveling with his wife Audrey.

Stephanie Grimm

Stephanie Grimm

EVP / Chief Operations Officer

Stephanie is an experienced National Operations Manager with a demonstrated history of working in all aspects the title insurance industry. She is an expert in Leadership, Sales, Real Estate Transactions, Investment Properties, Short Sales, Bulk and Commercial Transactions and Foreclosures. She is a strong leadership professional with tools such as being a MBTI Certified Practitioner focused in the Myers-Briggs Instrument from Center for Applications of Psychological Type, Inc. along with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. Stephanie believes in not just maintaining customers but in creating Raving Fans. In her own words, “I truly care about our clients and their goals. In a way, I don’t work for Bay National, I work for our customers and clients. Our entire staff has this focus. Our team feels immense pride from knowing we come through for our clients every single day. It makes what we do meaningful. While what we do is measured and controlled by numbers, processes, and reporting, at the end of the day, meeting our goals is a mirror reflection of meeting and exceeding our clients goals. We have an amazing team here at Bay, and I am so proud of them and the work they do.” Stephanie holds Title licenses in 36 states and can perform every job duty at Bay National. When asked to expand on her leadership style, she commented, ” I am nothing without my team. They deserve all the credit for Bay National’s success. It’s my job to support them, uplift them, coach them and help solve complex problems, but the team members are the real heroes of Bay National.” And further, ” It’s like being a captain of a ship. They know they can count on me to help row the boat. I grab a paddle, help with the work, navigation and steering to get us there.” She believes working for the clients and working alongside of the staff, getting in there and getting the work done with them, has not only been her greatest privilege but the reason for her success.

Stephanie’s personal interests includes spending time with her family, reading and going to the beach. She is self-described personal development junkie, who enjoys Tony Robbins, Jay Shetty, Malcom Gladwell, Dan Millman, Jim Rohn and many more.

Nicole Trifan

Nicoleta Trifan

Executive Vice President/Accounting & Finance

Nicoleta brings a variety of international experience in accounting, auditing, and finance to Bay National Title Company. Her practice in accounting as an auditor and financial worker built an extensive background of expertise in measuring, reporting, and estimating accurate figures. Her beginnings as an accountant grew from college study at Spiru Haret in Romania to first hand experience at Bay National Title Company, since she first started a career in the industry back at age 19.

Nicoleta transformed long hours of hard work and crunching numbers into a solid accounting foundation worth praise. After starting out as Staff Accountant, her dedication to great accounting soon paid off in time, as she was promoted to Bay National’s Executive Vice President of Accounting & Finance. She believes more should be courageous in setting personal goals and daring to reach for them no matter how great.

Nicoleta takes her job seriously, but thoroughly enjoys the work she does. She finds the best lesson in life is to be kind and polite in all situations and to remain positive despite the outcomes. That’s why she makes an invaluable member of BNTC. She’s helped the team implement strict accounting and financial practices for more accurate reporting and forming new strategies based on the latest data trends.

Nicoleta is a joy to work with for her positive attitude, as she strives to produce better reports and tracks finances to improve business processes. When she’s not reporting on the numbers and measuring financial figures, Nicoleta travels to exotic destinations and tropical locales like the isles of Hawaii. As a fan of the Tampa Bay Rays, she loves to watch a baseball game at Tropicana Field while rooting for the home team.

Brandy Markley

Brandy Markley

Executive Vice President/Production Manager

Brandy has been in the title business for over 12 years. She also serves as a notary public. She has her title license in Florida and Michigan and is now a Florida Certified Land Title Closer thru Florida Land Title Association.

Erin Herbert

Erin Herbert

Vice President/National Closing Manager

As a licensed title agent and notary public, who specializes in foreclosures and bank-owned properties, Erin also has over 5 years of experience with REO closings. Erin works closely with clients and closers to better understand and implement the most effective strategies to form successful business relationships. She approaches each new challenge as an opportunity to learn and grow and strives to exceed client expectations and surpass business goals. Erin applies her leadership experience and problem-solving skills to benefit Bay National’s training process by mentoring others to also succeed in the workplace.

Erin’s flexible management style as the National Closing Manager at Bay National Title Company is one of her greatest assets along with her ability to take initiative and ensure the quality of projects. She keeps her cool under pressure in a high volume, fast-paced business environment. Managing a large number of clients, contracts, and closers with ease is Erin’s specialty.

With an extensive background in real estate transactions, Erin offers amazing insight into the ins and outs of title insurance to protect the client’s interests when buying or refinancing a home. In the past, Erin’s work as both a Title Processor and REO Closer have helped her discern the best ways to manage Bay National’s closing team to meet new business goals. She emphasizes the importance of never being afraid to ask questions, and encourages good communication between all parties in order to make the closing process simple and easy to understand for everyone.

Erin’s clients prefer her business, as she is trustworthy, professional and dedicated to the task at hand. She also takes pride in her work and strives to excel above and beyond . When she’s not improving the closing process or leading the team to success, Erin enjoys traveling, listening to live music, and getting lost in a good book.

Brandie Swearingen

Brandie Swearingen

Executive Administrative Assistant

Brandie got her start working in the real-estate/title industry in 2008, at Kass Shuler, P.A. She worked there for 6 years as a File Intake Team Lead and Administrative Assistant to the REO department manager. She’s had her Florida notary certification for two years. She has lived in FL her whole life and moved to the Tampa area in 2008 for work and has been here ever since.