2018 Florida Real Estate Trends: How to Use Them to Your Advantage

2018 florida real estate market trends

If you’re involved in real estate, buying, and flipping houses, there’s no better place to be than Florida. This state is known for its tropical climate and beautiful beaches, which provide hours of entertainment. Thanks to these coveted living features, Florida is rapidly becoming the top destination to purchase a home and start a family.

You can take advantage of this growing housing market by knowing current trends and relevant data. Here are several to watch out for in 2018 that could have a dramatic impact on your business and the rest of the Florida real estate market.

Florida Real Estate Market Trends in 2018

Luxury Homes Will Surge

Since a lot of people go to Florida to retire, they often look for luxurious homes that provide them peace and comfort. This trend looks to be more of the same in 2018, as baby boomers are searching for lavish homes to settle down and live in style.

The great thing about Florida is there are many options when it comes to these extravagant properties. These include open beach houses, contemporary condos, graceful bungalows, and sizeable mansions. For your real estate business, you’ll want to target these homes right away – before prices have time to rise.

You should also establish a real estate brand that’s known for offering dwellings that are distinct and provide a truly indescribable living experience. Home buyers that you work with will be more impressed, ever before stepping foot inside these homes.

Household Net Worth Will Go Up

The economy right now in Florida is booming, with residents having access to not just more work opportunities, but better-paying ones. This employment growth is expected to continue into 2018, ultimately increasing household net worth.

What this means for your real estate business is home buyers are willing to spend more, because they can. You can thus get home buyers to splurge a bit more on amenities and features. Not only does this give people more out of a home, but it also helps increase your profits from every house sold.

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Home Design Will Become a Major Focus

With all of the real estate shows on television today, more and more people are getting interested in home design. This added appreciation for design will continue in Florida, a state where homeowners often pride themselves on having decadent homes both on the inside and out.

As such, you need to make sure the homes you flip are visually striking. This starts with curb appeal. There are plenty of ways you can enhance this aspect, such as setting up water features or upgrading a house’s siding.

As far as the interior, a well-designed home typically includes a central theme. It may be contemporary or rustic. Just make sure elements are in sync with each other – so potential home buyers are not put off when they walk in.

Navigating the real estate market in Florida may seem like a difficult endeavor, given the constantly-changing trends. As long as you do your research and adjust to these trends on the fly, you should be able to flip houses and give people their dream houses successfully. These homeowners are then more likely to leave positive reviews that can benefit your business for many years to come.

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